Bound Lotus

Bound Lotus is the hardest kriya in all of yoga. It's not just a kriya though, it's a posture and a meditation. There's nowhere to run, there's nowhere to hide, it's just you, your mind and the posture. As physically challenging as it is, it's far more mental than physical and I firmly believe that the commitment to it alone can carry you through anything!

The self sustaining energy of Bound Lotus can bring miracles of both healing and transformation.
 I do 31 minutes a day, forehead all the way to the floor and it is out of this world!

If you'd like to have a Bound Lotus workshop at your studio or center, just email me!

I'm up to Day 4,039 and a significant portion of my early books are filled with my experiences with Bound Lotus. Whether your goal is just a few days, to perfect the posture, or to 1000 days and beyond, I highly recommend this, "Psychic Union Pose," as the Sanskrit name for Bound Lotus translates.